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Control4, a leading provider of the operating system for the smart home, delivers intelligent control over consumer electronics products, appliances and networking systems through an easy-to-use and intuitive software interface. Founded in 2003, the company delivers affordable automation of lighting, music, video, thermostat, security, and energy management systems through more than 1,900 custom integrators, retail outlets, and distributors in over 70 countries. With the most intelligent, open and affordable control solution on the market, Control4 is the platform of choice for major consumer electronics companies, residential homes, businesses and utilities that require an intelligent, open and affordable control solution. For more information visit www.control4.com.

* Control4 systems must be installed by an authorized dealers.


Effortless Entertainment Solutions

Make your home the hangout for family and friends. Control4 Home Theater and Multi-Room Music systems make your house the most entertaining place around.

Comfort & Convenience Solutions

Make your home comfortable and green by conveniently adjusting your Lighting and Temperature from anywhere in your home, and anywhere in the world.

Peace of Mind Solutions

Rest easy knowing your home and family are safe and secure. Control4 helps you manage Security features in your home, and lets your home alert you when issues arise.

Endless Possibilities

One-Touch Home Theater

Simplify the control of audio, video and home theater components, eliminating the need for multiple remotes

Multi-room Music

Enjoy digital music collections, including streaming music, MP3s and iTunes collections, anywhere or everywhere in your home.

Smart Lighting

Create lighting scenes that offer simple control over lights and outlets. Control4 smart lighting uses timers, motion sensors and dimmers to enhance security and reduce energy costs.

Advanced Temperature Control

Help conserve energy and ensure comfort with pre-programmed temperature controls.

Safety & Security

Integrate a security system or IP cameras to monitor home security from virtually anywhere.

Energy Management

Reduce your energy consumption without compromising your lifestyle.


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